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Quality Flavours in

In our on-site laboratories, we create products according to our customers' requirements. These products include everything from alcoholic beverages to soft drinks, dairy, confectionary and even products for the savory market.

Quality Flavours in Africa
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Original Flavours
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At Kalex, innovation and flexibility to meet customers needs remains the key to success in the food and beverage market.

Leading the way in
South Africa

Leading the way as a flavour supplier in South Africa and throughout the continent means Kalex ensures that flavour development, whether for cold drinks, ice creams, potato chips, sweets or beverages is done scientifically. In the state-of-the-art on-site laboratory, our taste and flavour scientists can develop unique flavours and test them on the spot.

Leading the way in South Africa

Flavours for Ice Creams

Flavours for Ice Creams

Working with all natural, nature identical based flavours. The recipe for ice cream that is delicious takes ingenuity and expertise. Expertise Kalex has developed and perfected over decades. Expertise that will make you rethink everything and anything you have ever tasted...

Flavours for cold drinks

Flavours for Cold Drinks

Understanding that consumers have particular taste when it comes to soda drinks, Kalex has not only improved on many of the known flavours like cola, creme soda and ginger beer, but they have also innovated new flavours for particular customers...

Flavours for chips and snacks

Flavours for Chips and Snacks

Millions of potato chips are consumed every month in Africa. As is the case in many confectionary, soft drink and sweet consumer categories, potato chip manufacturers tend to duplicate popular flavour ranges. At Kalex, we don't compromise, we innovate...

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