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Leading The Way

Leading the way as a flavour supplier in South Africa and throughout the continent means Kalex ensures that flavour development, whether for cold drinks, ice creams, potato chips, sweets or beverages is done scientifically. In the state-of-the-art on-site laboratory, our taste and flavour technicians can develop unique flavours and test them on the spot. Off the shelf flavours are all fine and well, but few South African flavour companies come close to being able to provide the highest quality and standards expected but having an onsite laboratory to concoct and master flavours is not something other local flavour houses can provide

Leading The Way
Solid Reputation

Solid Reputation

Based in Gauteng South Africa, we have built a solid reputation for service and manufacturing support like no other supplier. As a company, we see the role of supplier of flavours as much more than mere logistics and supply of essential ingredients.

Our Team of Professionals

Our team of professionals partner our clients throughout Southern Africa, helping to set and achieve the highest standards of consistent manufacture and supply. This is your guarantee that what you approved as the original sample is perfectly replicated in production.

Team of Professionals
Perfecting Flavours

Mastering & Perfecting Flavours

Recognizing that every client wants to build a leading brand within their respective market segments, we work closely with you to achieve this. Mastering and perfecting flavours specific and unique to each of our customer’s requirements is essential to our end objective of excellence. We pride ourselves on pure sensory innovation.

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