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We recognize that consumer products don’t begin their lives as brands, but over time, depending on the availability, accessibility, affordability, necessity, consistency, quality and the ability to satisfy consumer needs, products evolve into brands that eventually become household names.

With the vast amount of experience we have gained over the years, our insight into what will make a successful brand, as opposed to what won’t, is an asset to all of our clients.

With this experience, KALEX will provide you with advice in order to start the product on the right path.

As part of the overall value we can assist with advice on the following:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand development
  • Packaging and design

These value-added services are partnered with experts in the field.

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Original Flavours
Replicated Flavour.

At Kalex, pure sensory innovation remains key to the evolution of the flavour industry. However, the challenge facing food and drink manufacturers, is whether to introduce brand new product ideas, or follow traditional consumer trends created by other innovators. Processed food, sweets, chewing gums and cold drinks comprise of variations on a theme. Chocolate bars, fruit flavoured gums, chewing gums, ice creams and potato chips all offer the consumer identical or similar flavour variants. There is no doubt that there is brand confusion, caused largely by replica products sitting side-by-side on the shelf, as opposed to building a strong brand that has its strength based on its unique or original flavours the consumers tend to prefer. Large volume manufacturers competing in the FMCG market face more familiar product competitors than ever before. Retailers are finding it more and more challenging to accommodate yet another near identical product on their ever-decreasing shelf space. The challenge therefore is how to build a new, original product and brand that will hold market share, as opposed to have to compete for competitor scraps. Kalex offer a unique service to help develop and innovate product segments with original flavours.
The African continent has often been criticized for poor manufacturing standards and hygiene management. Sterility, good manufacturing practice and ensuring the highest quality levels are achieved consistently across a range of production batches will see African brands begin to challenge global monopoly products. There is no doubt that each African country’s GDP will improve significantly as entrepreneurs within each country bravely take on the manufacture and marketing of local products aimed at their domestic consumers. Kalex, the South African supplier of flavours and fragrances recognizes the vitally important place for independent manufacturing of uniquely African brands of quality!

The importance of achieving high quality standards in Africa

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