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Product preparation and development forms the essential foundation of our expertise and services at Kalex™.

From the initial idea of a consumer product, all the way along the development process, to the final stages of manufacture and supply, our dedicated management team will assist you every step of the way.

Whether it’s a flavour or fragrance product, developing a new product or modifying an existing one starts by effectively engineering broad consumer appeal.

  • What will it taste like?
  • What will it smell like?
  • How much will it appeal to the end-user?

These are the crucial questions that we focus on exclusively, with one simple response. In our modern on-site laboratory, we formulate and prepare the perfect product for you.

The tongue and the nose don’t lie. That’s why we dedicate our skills and expertise to achieve maximum, unanimous sensory preference. We know that this is what will compel consumers to choose your product over the competition.

And because neither preference of fragrance nor flavour can be negotiated or debated, we ensure the products we prepare and develop for our clients needs achieve only one response. Preference! That’s pure sensory innovation.

Taste, Smell and Appeal

Quality Flavours In

In our laboratory, we can create master samples, taste and test them and ensure the final production quantities are precisely according to order.

With this facility, clients from all over Africa can come to our offices and leave, knowing that they have the best flavours for their soft drink, ice cream, sweets or flavoured alcoholic drink.

Working with all natural, nature identical based flavours. The recipe for ice cream that is delicious takes ingenuity and expertise. Expertise Kalex has developed and perfected over decades.

Flavours for
Ice Creams

Flavours for
Cold Drinks

Understanding that consumers have particular taste when it comes to soda drinks, Kalex has not only improved on many of the known flavours like cola, creme soda and ginger beer, but they have also innovated new flavours for particular customers. Creating a unique flavour makes it very difficult for competitors to copy. And this is what makes Kalex unique in Africa. With a dedicated state-of-the-art laboratory, Kalex create flavours and perfect them. No other flavour supplier in Africa has this facility or offering. As more and more soft drink manufacturers realise that duplicating popular cold drink flavours makes it that much more difficult for fridge and shelf space, some brave individuals are discovering the importance of unique flavours, unique brand names and flavours that consumers will love.

Millions of potato chips are consumed every month in Africa. As is the case in many confectionary, soft drink and sweet consumer categories, potato chip manufacturers tend to duplicate popular flavour ranges. At Kalex, we understand that flavours can always be innovated, sharpened or altered slightly to improve on existing flavour types.

Savoury flavours can be just as challenging as any other food product flavour. In the cheese flavoured category alone, the range of variants available make our heads spin, but because of our unique on-site laboratory, we are able to develop, innovate and improve on existing flavour categories so that our client’s products become favourites with consumers.

Flavours for
Potato Chips and Snacks

Kalex – Flavour company in SA takes significant interest in new Product Development.

With a mission to lead the flavour and new product development segment, we at Kalex are challenging new clients to rather look for unique flavours, rather than follow the routine, replication of existing consumer brands. If you are interested in developing a brand new flavour trend that competitors will find difficult, if not impossible to copy, give Kalex a call now! Our flavour technicians are standing by to put the universal appeal of a brand new flavour to the test.

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